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Artist Manager

Simon Elam

As an artist marketing manager for a wide variety of clients, I bring a wealth of personal experience to the table. I recently completed my bachelor's degree in communication at BYU-Idaho and am now actively seeking new clients. If you're an artist looking for assistance with your marketing needs and ideas, feel free to reach out to me.

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My Passion: Supporting Artists

My passion lies in helping fellow artists because I'm an artist myself. I understand the unique challenges of balancing creativity with the demands of getting your work seen. I'm here to ease that burden and enhance your artistic journey.

My Vision: Empowering Artists

My vision is simple yet powerful. I want to handle the essential but often tedious aspects of marketing for my clients so that they can devote their energy to what they do best – creating art.


Various Artist Marketing Services



I create and maintain your professional portfolio to showcase your work, attract potential customers, and generate more leads.


Social Media

I assist you in crafting effective, result-oriented content and schedule it across your social media platforms to boost engagement and strengthen your brand.



I run a targeted email newsletter for you in order to fill more venues, sell more merch, and reach your audience past the algorithms.


Let's Discuss Your Artistic Vision

I also use my expertise and experience in the performing arts to arrange and execute marketing strategies such as music album promotion, live show booking, and more. Contact me to set up a free 30 minute strategy call! I would love to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Some Current Clients

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"I’m not the best with technology and it’s been intimidating for me to show my projects via social media. However, with Simon helping me with marketing aspects, I have been able to set goals that have taken me way farther than I ever expected this year!"

Natalie Dixon, Performing Artist and Composer

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